Zenar Contest Policy and Winner's Agreement

Zenar Contest Policy and Winner's Agreement


Contest Policy:

At Zenar, we are committed to providing quality products and exciting opportunities for our customers. Please review the following policy regarding purchases and participation in our contests:

Non-Refundable Purchases:
All purchases of Zenar T-shirts and hoodies are non-refundable. This policy ensures fairness and transparency in our contests and giveaways. Zenar does not offer refunds for any reason.

Winner's Agreement:
For winners of our A-Class car giveaway contest, a contract agreement is in place to facilitate the prize awarding process. We value the trust and satisfaction of our customers and want to ensure a smooth experience for all prize winners. Here's an overview of the contract terms:

Acceptance of Prize:

By participating in the Zenar A-Class car giveaway contest and subsequently winning, you agree to accept the prize as awarded, without modification or exchange for cash or other goods. Please note that Zenar does not offer refunds for any reason.

Participation in Interview:

As a condition of receiving the prize, winners must agree to participate in an interview conducted in front of a camera. This interview may be used for promotional purposes by Zenar.

Delivery and Ownership Transfer:

Zenar will arrange for the delivery of the A-Class car to the winner's specified location. Ownership of the car will be transferred to the winner upon delivery and after signing all necessary legal documents.

Compliance with Legal Requirements: 

Winners must comply with all legal requirements, including providing necessary identification and documentation, as required by local laws and regulations.

Use of Likeness and Testimonials:

 Zenar reserves the right to use the winner's name, image, and testimonial in promotional materials and on our website for marketing purposes.

Disqualification for Non-compliance: 

Failure to comply with the terms of the contract may result in disqualification, and the prize may be awarded to an alternate winner.

By participating in our contest, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the contract terms outlined above. Zenar aims to ensure fairness and transparency in all our contests and giveaways, and these terms are in place to protect the interests of both the winners and Zenar.

Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued member of the Zenar community. Please remember that all purchases of Zenar T-shirts and hoodies are non-refundable.

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